• Champlain Bridge, Montreal

    Rock anchors installation through bridge's piles

    Pont Champlain
  • Quebec City

    Rock anchors installation for dam stabilization purposes

    Barrage Fort Coulonge, Ontario
  • Quebec Museum's Stabilization

    Quebec City

    Rock anchors installation in order to stabilize rock wall under the church

    Stabilisation Musée du Québec, Québec
  • Spotlight Towers'Foundation

    Saputo Stadium, Montreal

    Rock anchor installation in order to secure the grand stands and the highest spotlight tower in North America

    Bases de lampadaire, Stade Saputo, Montréal
  • Drill mobilization

    Lower Mattagami Dam

    Lower Mattagami Dam, Ontario

  • Quebec's Museum

    Quebec City

    Rock wall anchoring with an angle

    Pont Champlain
Rock anchors and Piling

Perforoc utilizes various types of drills to accomplish different projects

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