Anchors for the highest spotlight tower in North America

Anchors at the Quebec's museum

Anchor installation and grout injection

Tensioned anchors increments, Lower Mattagami Dam, Ontario

Perforoc is specialized in developing cost-effective foundation solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Specialized in drilling and installing rock anchors, Perforoc also provides services for drilling and installing micropiles and strands.

Anchors are used to allow prestressing on a structure by holding a tension load in the anchor or strand. Those high-grade steel elements are then permanently bonded to the structure through the injection of a cementitious grout. Tensioning will help reduce structural movements.

Anchors are installed down to a maximum of approximately 50m through overburden and roc to hold loads of over 200tons. Whether you want to use conventional anchors (Dywidag, Skyline, Williams), tiebacks, hollow core bar systems, rock bolts with shell or soil nails, Perforoc can satisfy your needs in foundation solutions.

Furthermore, Perforoc can perform the necessary proof, performance, lift-off and permeability tests on his anchors.

To know more about rock anchors and multi-strand anchors or about any other geotechnical reinforcement techniques, please contact us at 418-877-9781 ext. 36


  • Can be installed in any type of soil;
  • Allows for minimal vibration keeping structural integrity;
  • Resistant to very high load tension;
  • Cost effective bonding solution to existing structures;
  • No excavation needed;
  • Can be installed at any angle.

Anchor tensioning testing, Suburb Train, Laval

Submarine positioning,
Paton Island, Montreal

Submarine positioning, Paton Island, Montreal

Pile reinforcement off a barge