1st retaining wall excavation, Quebec

Anchor Post-Tensioning

Perforoc is specialized in developing cost-effective foundation solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Perforoc completed many rock stabilization and shoring systems projects.

Rock pinning is an economical way to stabilize it. This technique uses anchors that are installed following a pre-determined pattern to minimize slipping effects. This method can be combined with an application of shotcrete to make sure no debris is falling.

In terms of shoring systems, Perforoc offers installation services for Berlin walls, including the installation of soldier piles, wood lagging, tiebacks and raker brace systems.

To know more about stabilization and retaining walls or about any other geotechnical reinforcement techniques, please contact us at 418-877-9781 ext. 36 or at soumission@perforoc.ca


  • Can be installed in any type of soil and at any angle desired;
  • Allows for minimal vibration keeping structural integrity;
  • Resistant to very high vertical, horizontal and tension load;
  • Can add an anchor rod to maximize bearing load capacity or to stabilize in traction;
  • Cost effective bonding solution to existing structures;
  • No excavation needed;

Cap-Diamant Stabilization, Quebec

Cap-Diamant Stabilization, Quebec