33m long anchor installed in a micro-pile. Saputo Stadium, Montreal

Installation of reinforcement bars around the head of micro-piles. Saputo Stadium, Montreal

Perforoc is specialized in developing cost effective foundation solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Micro-piling is a technique mastered and offers bearing load capacity of over 200 tons with small micro-piles ranging from 5'' to 16'' (125mm to 400mm).

Those micro-piles can be installed to a depth of 60m. When needed, they are designed to work under compression and tension simultaneously. The drills and Perforoc's methodology have been adapted to allow micro-piling in any type of soil and even on water. They can also be installed at any angle desired. Micro-piles' load is taken over by the external tube, the anchor itself and by the injected grout.

To know more about micro-piling or about any other geotechnical reinforcement techniques, please contact us at 418-877-9781 ext. 36 or at soumission@perforoc.ca


  • Can be installed in any type of soil;
  • Allows for minimal vibration keeping structural integrity;
  • Resistant to very high vertical, horizontal and tension load;
  • Can add an anchor rod to maximize bearing load capacity or to stabilize in traction;
  • Cost effective bonding solution to existing structures;
  • No excavation needed;
  • Can be installed at any angle.